Founded in 2017, Taproot Collective is a nonprofit organization with the mission to design and implement successful models of resilient local food systems. We partner with youth and families through collaborative partnerships and educational programs to ensure equitable access to resources.

Our vision is a city filled with thriving neighborhoods where youth and families have equitable access to healthy local food, dignified housing, and educational opportunities.

We operate with the guiding values of stewardship, integrity, justice, cultural humility, equity, excellence. These principles are central to everything we do.

Wilson Garden Club


Taproot Collective is proud to have collaborative partnerships with groups and individuals that recognize urban agriculture and youth development as a vehicle for positive neighborhood development in Rochester, NY. 

Groups we partner with:

  • Foodlink & Lexington Ave Urban Farm

  • Nazareth College

  • Pearl Ministries

  • University of Rochester

  • UPrep Charter School

  • World of Inquiry School #58 Garden Club

  • Wilson High School Garden Club



Our work is centered around the idea that young people can change their communities through access to healthy local food, educational opportunities, and dignified housing. At every stage of our work, youth leaders learn about and implement models of localized food systems that heal and regenerate ourselves, our neighborhoods, and our planet.

Taproot Collective offers expertise in a variety of areas related to urban agriculture, youth leadership, and neighborhood development. Our consulting services are available on a sliding scale to community groups, educational and religious institutions, individuals, and socially-conscious businesses  

  • Urban ecological landscape design

  • Curriculum development (youth and adult)

  • Fundraising, grant writing, and grant management

  • Program and facility audits / evaluations

  • Facilitation of community-led comprehensive planning 

  • Youth and adult leadership development